Welcome to Riding the Waves of Change 2018!

Since the days of Cecily Saunders, palliative care has ridden many waves of change.

Just being recognised as a legitimate field of medicine was the start. The next crest was developing specialist services and designated hospital beds. Then building a reputation based on research and data.

Over recent years we have seen the resurgence of ‘normalising death’ and making death ‘everybody’s business’, with the uptake of Advance Care Directives, Last Days of Life tools, myriad literature, and communities initiating home hospices and death and dying awareness.

Palliative care has always gazed from the headland, swum bravely into the breakers and surfed the latest opportunities in the interests of better and more supportive care.

Palliative Care and End of life care involves assessing and continually improving the way patient and family care is delivered. Across different care settings, with different funding challenges, with different speciality and generalist disciplines, for different population groups all with one intention – to deliver superior care to some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

We are now entering the next wave of contemporary issues.  Are we prepared to ride these waves or flounder in the turbulence?

Our 2018 Conference is an opportunity to reflect on the new, the old, the different and how the latest waves of change are shaping practice and outcomes for our people.

What better location than beachside Kiama to give us a place to breathe, reflect and take stock.

After a transformative visit to the desert in 2016 we look forward to seeing you at the beach in 2018 to be refreshed and encouraged.



Linda Hansen, Executive Officer, Palliative Care NSW.


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